The Delfi-n3xt satellite uses, like it's predecessor the Delfi-C3, a distributed ground station network consisting of radio amateurs. These radio amateurs receive the Delfi-n3xt satellite and, using the DUDe telemetry client software, send the telemetry to the Delfi central telemetry server.

In order to participate in this endavor, you will need equipment suitable to receive UHF/VHF signals, and a computer with a microphone input which is connected to the internet. Aditionally you will need to register an account so that we know who's sending us telemetry from what location on the globe.
To register an account, please click here. Alternatively, if you already have an account, you can log in.

To demodulate and decode the telemetry sent by the Delfi-n3xt, you will need to download the DUDe telemetry client. This application can run without any installation or changes from the user. when the application is started you need to log in to your account. You will need to register an account to use DUDe correctly, but this is not required(press cancel in the login dialog to skip this). When using the DUDe client without an account, you will not be sending any data to the telemetry server, so we'd prefer if you helped collecting data by creating an account.
You can use the audio-in of your sound card to decode the telemetry of the Delfi-n3xt satellite. DUDe does not need any input from this moment on. DUDe creates the output in the Graphical User Interface and sends the information about the satellite to the Delfi servers automatically.
It is possible to get updates; these consist of newer version text files. These files can be downloaded from the Delfi website. If you want to use them make sure to place them in the lib folder of DUDe.